Thanks to Jorge Penayo for all he’s done to help coordinate our trip. He’s been sick, yet managed to patiently get us everyplace we needed to be.

He is being used of God to effect a nation! Please keep him in your prayers!

Jorge, I love you and know that God is going pour back with abundance all that you so graciously have given away! Love, your Norwegian friend 🙂

School In A Box

Coming close to the end of our time in Paraguay. While debriefing about our trip, the subject keeps coming up of getting needed supplies down here. Jorge had a genius idea called, “School In A Box.” Here’s the idea…

The folks here at Jehovah Jireh School will give us their wish list (many things we discard are treasure to them). We then begin to collect the needed items and pack them in sea containers. Included could also be needed ministry, medical, and building supplies.

The needs are overwhelming here, but as Luque’s school name indicates, “Jehovah Jireh,” God is our provider! How awesome would it be if we could begin sending monthly shipments to Paraguay!

The Beginning Wish List:

English second language books/curriculum

Teaching resources for special education (ADD, ADD/HD, low IQ students)

Whiteboards and markers

Chairs, tables, desks

Large Tarps

Computers (desktop and laptop)

Video projectors and screens

Backpacks filled with school supplies

Clothing, coats, shoes

Misc. building supplies (doors, windows, sinks, faucets, toilets, etc)