Change Your Profile


A common feature of social media apps is called “profile.” It’s a headline where you put something you want others to know about you. It’s worded in way that casts you into the most positive light.

No one would let another person define his or her profile, but this actually happens all the time. What people think and say about you defines not only their opinion of who you are, but also you how you define yourself.

“You have a weird-shaped face.”
“Get a clue! Why are you so dumb?”
“You’re such a blow it.”

The past wants to define the future

Things that have happened in our past can have powerful effect of how we see ourselves, and what we expect to happen.  The enemy capitalizes on the negative things that have happened and that have been spoken over us.

Just like the news media is genius at presenting things with maximum shock value in order to grab people’s attention, so is the enemy. He’s always suggesting bold, negative headlines to summarize your day…your week… your life.

So let me ask you a question: Why would you let the devil have the job of writing the profile of your life? Why would you let a pessimistic mindset distort the truth and steal your joy?

Faith’s new profile

You can’t always control what happens in your life, but you can choose how it defines you! So let’s write some new profiles over our lives today!

“I’m blessed!”
“I’m highly favored by God!”
“I’m going to make it!”
“I’m still learning!”
“I’m still growing!”
“All things are working for my good!”

Any event can become an experience of grace and victory when faith writes your profile!

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