Not A Spectator

Heaven is our model

Jesus lived by only doing what He saw His Father doing. Learning to recognize the Holy Spirit’s power and following His lead enables us to do what Jesus did. These kind of operations of God’s Spirit are not limited to church meetings. We must learn how to take this anointing to our schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods and expect similar results. Healing, deliverance, and spiritual breakthroughs become options we offer people wherever we go. Whatever the point of need a person has, God wants to move.

When you have an encounter with God, your hunger for the presence of the Lord increases and miracles are a by-product. God will meet you, change you in your encounter with Him, and as you change the impact on the world around you changes.

You are not just spectator

God’s presence is given to us that we might know Him, while His power is given that others might know him through us. The presence of God is for you, his power is for someone else through you. God’s presence stills you, God’s power stirs you.

Encounters with God are for everyone and everywhere. He is looking for those who will listen and those He can trust. God looks at the heart and reveals Himself to those who love Him. There is no need to strive anymore. Working from God’s presence is more effective than working for His presence, but looking for the move of God’s power is never passive.

Signs and wonders are a practical means to display the love and power of God. The love of God does not omit the miraculous. The most important objective of miracles is to reveal the love of God.

Evangelism can become very clinical, and unfortunately it isn’t very effective. But the person who stays open to the power of the Holy Spirit and loves people offers a different option to people, and will see a natural outflow of miracles and salvations.

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