What Do You See?

Milk and honey

What he saw captivated his thoughts. It was lush. Fertile. Beautiful. And it was all theirs! Moses said to the men around him,

“Now I know what God meant when He said,
‘I’m bringing you into a land flowing with milk and honey.’”

Moses was getting older, but his strength got a second wind as he thought about how God was fulfilling the promises made to him back in Egypt. Even though there appeared to be walled cities and some formidable opponents, hope surged in his heart. Surely these obstacles could be no greater of a challenge than Pharaoh and his armies. He could hardly wait for the men to get back who he had sent to spy out the land.

“Here they come!” someone shouted as the twelve spies came up the trail. The twelve of them didn’t appear to be very excited as Moses asked for a status report.

“We cannot go! The people are too big! The cities are too strong. We would be better off back in Egypt.”

Everybody listening began to moan, but Moses noticed that Jephunneh’s son and Nun’s son were shaking their heads. “Caleb and Joshua,” Moses asked, “what did you boys see?”

Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it…Do not fear the people, for the Lord is with us!(Numbers 13:30, 14:9)

God is with you

That answer proved to be a very key moment in the history of Israel, and in the lessons God deals with his people. It turns out that how you relate to circumstances is based on how much you really believe God is with you, and that nothing is impossible for Him.

What Caleb and Joshua saw and felt inwardly affected their hope, which in turn affected their destiny. This is true today. You may see things today that in the natural look impossible, but remember you’re not facing those things alone. Let hope rise in you today knowing that God is with you, and because of that nothing is impossible!

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