God’s Waiting Room

Waiting for the door to open

My wife Kathie and I have four children. They were all born in modern maternity wards that allowed our families and friends to be a part of the process (though Kathie had the rough part). In fact, the doctor actually let me deliver both of our youngest kids. I think he figured anyone with four kids ought to know how deliver a baby.

However, when I was born things were totally different.

While my mom enjoyed the pampering of nurses fluffing her pillow and meeting her every request (joking), my dad had to wait in a smoke-filled room with all the other nervous soon-to-be dads. Every time the door opened, the pacing would stop, and all eyes looked to see who belonged to the latest little package held in the nurse’s arms. Finally after hours of waiting, my dad heard the door open at 3 AM and the nurse say, “Mr. Phillips, congratulations, you’re the father of a boy!”

My dad was in a place called a “waiting room,” and though they are a thing of the past, there are still plenty of them in existence. The fact is, someone reading this is in a waiting room.

This is for you

You’ve been waiting, pacing, hoping for something, and as of yet there’s been no announcement or sign of it happening. However, it just may be that you’re actually in God’s waiting room. And it may encourage you to know that there have been many others throughout history who have also been in this room.

Like my dad, Abraham had to wait for a son, only instead of waiting for one night, he waited 25 years. Joseph was given a dream, only to watch his youth dwindle away for 17 years in an Egyptian jail. Job waited for healing and restoration. David was anointed to be King of Israel, but had to hide for years in the wilderness running for his life

What have you been waiting for? David wrote something important for you…

“Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord!” (Psalms 27:14)

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